Grow A Profitable Amazon FBA Business With My Step-By-Step Formula…

(Even If You Don’t Have Any Experience)

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What If You Had An Easy Winning Strategy To Follow?

What You’ll Get

Step By Step Training Curriculum

Get your hands on the exact step-by-step process to grow a profitable Amazon FBA business (each video in my curriculum is only 5-45 minutes long and comes with many reference materials, guides, and templates for you to use and follow)…

Done-With-You Product Validation

Product discovery, product analysis, and product tracking can be difficult without guidance or assistance. I will work with you to help validate any product ideas that you have to ensure proper product selection…

Done-With-You Listing Optimization

Amazon buyers make their buying decision based solely on your product listing content and quality. I will help you create a fully optimized and keyword rich product listing (title, bullet points, description, backend keywords, etc)…

Done-For-You Manufacturer Contact Templates

Contacting and communicating with manufacturers and suppliers requires specific professionalism and phraseology. Use my exact contact templates to sound professional so you can get quick replies and the best prices…

Done-For-You Purchase Order Templates

Don’t get lost in the details. A business transaction can have a lot of moving parts. You get purchase order and contract templates that cover all of the bases and protect your interests…

Done-With-You PPC Optimization

Amazon’s PPC system can feel alien to a lot of people. Follow my proven PPC campaign strategy and we can work together to optimize your campaigns (keyword research, bidding, budgeting, etc)…

Limited Time Bonuses

Unlimited 1-On-1 Coaching & Mentorship

Reach out to an expert at any time for guidance and help with any questions or problems you have. Let me review every step that you take to make sure you’re on the track and growing your Amazon business. You’ll receive unlimited 1-on-1 access to get insight and feedback on your progress in real time….

1-On-1 Coaching Calls

Speak to me 1-on-1 by phone or video chat to help shortcut your results. Get answers to immediate problems or even screen share any important details you’d like to discuss.

Students Only Facebook Group

Meet and network with other like-minded and goal-oriented Amazon sellers. Share your results, experiences, ask questions, and learn together as a community…

My Personal Industry Contacts

Work directly with my personal industry contacts and resources including my freight forwarder, inspection company, and more. Avoid wasting time and risk by working with vetted, trustworthy services, and take advantage of referral discounts…

This offer is available for a limited time only

Meet Crescent Kao

In 2001, Crescent was in college completing his second degree.

He knew that he didn’t want to be stuck in a 9-5 career after graduating.

And so while still in school, he was building his first online business.

It wasn’t easy and it was a struggle but he launched his business in 2002 and managed to grow it into a sprawling 7-figure business.

Over the years, Crescent has started many online businesses with Amazon FBA being one of his most recent successes.

Today, he’s built a massive online community around selling on Amazon with over 80,000 followers where he helps average people grow their Amazon FBA business and fast-track it to profitability using his system.

He’s helped people escape their 9-5 jobs and achieve more freedom to do what they want by growing a profitable Amazon FBA private label business.

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This offer is available for a limited time only


Here’s EVERYTHING You’ll Get…

#1: Step-by-Step Core Training Curriculum
#2: Unlimited 1-On-1 Coaching & Mentorship
#3: 1-On-1 Coaching Calls
#4: Product Validation Checklist
#5: Done-With-You Product Validation
#6: Done-With-You Listing Optimization
#7: Done-For-You Manufacturer Contact Templates
#8: Done-For-You Purchase Order Templates
#9: Done-For-You Sales & Profit Tracking Spreadsheet
#10: Done-With-You PPC Optimization
#11: Updated List of Products to Avoid
#12: My Personal Industry Contacts
#13: Student-Only Facebook Group
#14: Money Back Guarantee

This offer is available for a limited time only

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